Spotlight: The Bold Statements of Reindeer Throws and Rugs

When looking to enhance the charm of a den or family room, the most surefire way to solidify a rustic theme is with a reindeer rug or throw. Reindeer hide accessories instantly add to the elegance of a room by adding the presence of a magnificent beast to the decor. In addition to contributing to the originality, sustainability, beauty, and warmth of your home, these rugs and throws are simple and powerful design statements.


Although animal hides are gaining in popularity in the world of interior design, reindeer hides are still unique enough to add a touch of rarity to your home decor. Instead of choosing a contrived bear or fox hide, a reindeer rug is a talking point. Available in a variety of sizes, rugs can serve as a centerpiece in a large room or as an accessory beside a small table. In addition, hides are good fits not only as spectacular rugs, but also as visually arresting wall hangings, and stunningly warm throws.


After farm-raised reindeer are used for meat, reindeer skin is a natural byproduct. In purchasing a reindeer skin, waste is diminished and your home is adorned with the artistry of a skilled tanner. These hides are all natural products meant to match any truly picturesque and pastoral home environment. If the theme of your interior design reflects nature and austere chic, reindeer hide both complements that theme and adds an element of plush luxuriousness. As a responsible consumer, your throw or rug makes a bold statement about your commitment to nature and a responsible, sustainable lifestyle.


Reindeer hide offers a beauty and softness that is unparalleled in the world of ungulate animal fur. The rich, complex, naturally complementary hues of reindeer fur will marvel the eyes as well as the senses. Nature’s canvas, the hide of the reindeer simultaneously makes an elegant and rustic statement. Deep rich browns, unsullied whites, and accentuating raven hues combine to draw the viewer along the throw in a symphony of natural color. Use the hide as a throw to draw attention to a certain accessory or piece of furniture. Alluring and refined, a reindeer throw takes a common chair or sofa and instantly transforms it into an accented object of beauty.


Conjuring up the imagery of Santa and his sled, reindeer rugs transport us all into a magical realm of recalling holidays and gift-giving. In addition to the literal warmth a hide can provide one’s feet or shoulders as a renowned insulator, these hides instill in us a reminder of the comfort of family and the love inherent in the spirit of holiday gatherings. The soft, luxurious warmth of reindeer fur between the toes has an incomparable feel.